About Us

Since being Established in 2017, Safety Alert has become one of the UK’s leading health and safety training & consultancy companies.

High Quality Trainers

We have a selection of the best trainers teaching our courses, making it easier for our students to learn and get the best results.

Excellent Customer Service

We take pride in an easy and stress-free booking experience, our friendly advisors are ready to assist with your queries.

Lowest Price Guarantee

Unlike other providers we do not add any additional charges on top of the price you see, everything is included!

Our trainers are all health and safety professionals with industry leading qualifications and a wealth of experience spanning many sectors ensuring that we deliver world class training.

At Safety Alert, we take pride in remaining at the forefront of technological changes and adapt these to continue to deliver safety training andexpand our services to reach more people and businesses than ever before.

Health and safety is paramount to any business and we want to make sure that workplaces operate to high standard of safety. Staff and clients are as important as sales so a safe and healthier workplace will always ensure productivity remains high.