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Why Online SMSTS Refresher Courses are Beneficial

Extend Your SMSTS Qualification from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Our Online SMSTS Refresher Courses are extremely popular. What is the secret to their success? Here is everything you need to know about completing the course remotely.

The course is only 2 days long

The SMSTS certificate is valid for 5 years, so if you want to continue to reap all the rewards that come with it, you will need to take another course. Luckily for you, you don’t have to re-take the full 5-day course, but a 2-day refresher instead. This will allow you to revisit key concepts and brush up on the skills that you gained five years ago, but without wasting time starting from scratch. So, you will be able to quickly get to grips with the main aims of the course once more.

Flexible learning

Learning remotely offers so much in the way of flexibility and ease of learning. You will not have to travel to complete the course, allowing you to do much more with your day. Learning in familiar surroundings is often proven to have positive outcomes in terms of learning, as candidates feel more relaxed. So, if you don’t perform too well in a classroom setting, and it is easier for you to learn from home, an online SMSTS refresher course could be the perfect choice for you.

Adapt to changing regulations

If there is one constant in health and safety, it’s change. Rules and regulations are always changing, with recommendations and workplace laws constantly being updated based on evidence and feedback from the construction industry. Keeping on top of those changes can be challenging – which is where the SMSTS refresher course comes in. You will cover any changes to workplace health and safety regulations, with clear comparisons to how they were five years ago so that you can see how they have evolved.

More affordable

Online SMSTS refresher courses are much more affordable. Just think about it! By staying at home, you instantly eliminate any travel costs – whether that be in terms of filling your car up with petrol, taking a taxi, or buying a train ticket. Childcare costs will also be greatly reduced, making remote learning ideal for busy parents who just can’t spare the time or the funds to travel to a training centre. Add to the fact that our course prices are already very competitive, and you are on to a winner!

Retain your qualification with ease

If your SMSTS certificate is due to expire in 2023, we would love to help you retain that qualification. We offer courses at the weekend, so not only will you be able to learn from home, but you will be able to do so without causing any disruption to your working schedule. All our courses are led by experienced trainers, and you will have all the resources that you need to pass the course and keep hold of your SMSTS qualification for another 5 years.

Discover more today

To find out more about our online SMSTS refresher courses, please do get in touch with a member of our team today. We would love to answer your questions and help in any way that we can, allowing you to go ahead and book a place on a course with total confidence.